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With Listary Pro we pick up from Listary Free Edition to put power tools and commands at the tip of your fingers so you can get your work done quickly and get on with the rest of your life.

Listary Pro allows you to manage your Windows workflow with a level of ease and efficiency cherished by elite class users. All with a layer of customizable design that matches your playing field.

Any high level user will tell you that the ability to customize your UI with themes, custom commands and tools is the key to unlocking the true potential of what you can do in your working process.

Getting your work done faster and more efficiently
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Let’s look at some of the
awesome features in Listary Pro


First we’ll look at Pro’s expert level syntax search

If you’re like us you probably have several drives and folders setup to archive your files. With Listary Pro’s Advanced Search Syntax you can search the file system even faster with direct or indirect path queries.

For example, say you have an image called Deadpool.jpg on your D: drive in a folder called ComicCon2015. With Pro’s advanced search you can start the search with “deadpool”. If you don’t get the results you want, or have too many returned, simply add “comiccon” to narrow things down quickly!


Lights, Camera, Actions!

Listary comes loaded with a ton of context menu actions, many of which are reserved for Pro users. Start a search query with Listary and simply press the Right key (or Ctrl+O) to access a full blown contextual menu list.

From simple actions like opening a file, or copying the file path to the clipboard, to advanced actions like copying, or moving a file to the current folder. Listary Pro goes far beyond the native Windows Explorer right-click menu.
Of course we didn’t stop there…

You can create custom actions to your heart’s content. Add any program to the actions menu and set a hotkey/keyword.


Move Anything, Anywhere…

Listary’s Send To menu, located in actions, allows you to access the native Windows send to menu to complete common tasks such as creating a desktop shortcut, as well as extended actions. Imagine searching for a file via Listary, choose Send To and select a target folder on any drive, and your file is moved instantly. That’s what we call blazing fast productivity!


Got a thing for filters? We’ve got you covered!

With Listary Pro you can apply search filters to zoom to exactly what you’re looking.
For example “folder:photo”, or “photo folder:”.
Pro has many preset filters such as folder, doc, pic, audio and video. Or you can customize your process even further by adding your own filters in Listary Options – Search


Next, let’s give it all a great paint job.

Listary Pro gives you unlimited potential to theme the UI however you want.
Pro comes preloaded with 16 amazing themes to match most Windows schemes. But if you’re a true power user, you can also create your very own customized themes.


Have an even greater need for speed?

Listary Pro let’s you set custom keywords for your most frequently used folders and applications.

Let’s say you use FileZilla a lot in your workflow. You can set a custom keyword such as “ftp” in the actions menu. Next time you need to open FileZilla, instead of going through the programs menu all you have to do is activate a Listary search with your keyword “ftp” to open FileZilla.

These are just a few of the most
popular features in Listary Pro

To unlock all of the potential Listary has to offer and maximize
your workflow to blazing speeds, upgrade to Listary Pro today

for just $19.95
Complete Side-By-Side Comparison

Listary Pro vs Free Version

Disk Search
Search all your drives for files and folders instantly
Advanced search syntax: match parent folder path
Advanced search syntax: search filters
Index and search shared network folders
Index and search custom locations
Set keywords for folders
Launch Apps
Search and launch installed apps
Search and launch Windows Store apps
Open search engines and websites
Set custom keywords for apps
Basic actions
Advanced actions
Create custom actions
Set hotkeys for actions
Set keywords for actions
Windows Explorer
Open/save file dialogs
3rd-party file managers
Use themes
Create custom themes
Quick Switch
Use a hotkey to open the active folder in a file manager
Switch to the active folder automatically
List all currently opened folders
Favorite and History
Add favorite files and folders
Organize favorites with submenus
Recent files and folders
Send-to Menu
Use Windows Send-to menu
Send to any folder
Trigger with a hotkey
Open-with Menu
Use Windows Open-with menu
Trigger with a hotkey
Built-in commands
Custom commands
Search Projects
Use a keyword command to add current folder to Projects
Advanced options
Batch add folders/websites/custom commands
License Options
Restrictions on usePersonal use onlyNo limitations
License TermLifetime
License PriceFree19.95 USD
  • The free version of Listary is for personal use only. But with Pro, you can use it at your workplace with no limitations.
  • If you have a multi system or location based working environment, you can install Listary Pro on up to 3 computers that are owned by you
  • Listary Pro comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee. You’re either blown away and totally satisfied with how Pro can radically upgrade your workflow, 100%, or we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.
  • You’ll receive your Pro license immediately to tap into the power of Listary without waiting a second for drawn out purchase processing

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