v6.2.0 for Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7
Download Listary 5 Classic for Windows 7 & XP

Listary is free for personal use only. If you need more advanced features or want to use it at your workplace, please purchase Listary Pro

What’s new in this version?

If Listary 6 is not working correctly after upgrading from Listary 5, try to uninstall it, reboot, and then reinstall. (7/2/2023)

Hello everyone, Listary’s Theme feature is now officially available! 🎉 There are now three modes available: “Light”, “Dark”, and “Follow System”. If you’re a Pro version user, you can upgrade your software and start using it right away! 🌙

Main Updates

  • New: Dark Theme

  • Improved: Display full path

Other Updates

  • Fixed: Fixed the issue where the mouse menu flickers or cannot be called out.
  • Removed: Removed the default “edit with Notepad++” action.
  • Improved: Improved the “Options”.
  • Improved: Updated web search logos. (Thanks for the contribution of Diego_F)
  • Fixed: Fixed some minor issues, improving software stability and performance. (3/3/2023)

We are so excited to announce a new update for Listary with several exciting features and improvements.
–   Discussions: https://discussion.listary.com/t/6-1-0-37-beta-released/8149
–   中文更新日志及讨论: https://discussion.listary.com/t/6-1-0-37-beta/8150

Main Updates

  •   New: Application Integration Plugins
  •   Listary’s convenient features, such as quick switch, can now be enjoyed in more file managers and applications. You can now contribute integration plugins. Check out the details at https://github.com/listary/Listary.FileAppPlugin.
  •   Additionally, we provide a WinRAR plugin development example based on the open mechanism. Please check out the details at https://github.com/listary/Listary.FileAppPlugin.WinRAR.
  •   If you have any requests for the integration of new applications, you can develop plugins yourself or send us feedback at support@listary.com.
  •   New: WinRAR Integration
  •   We provide WinRAR integration, based on the open mechanism, and plan to continue increasing the number of integrated applications with the help of the community.
  •   New: “How to use Listary” Tutorial
  •   We added an interactive tutorial to help users understand Listary’s shortcut keys, search function, and folder Quick Switch feature.

Other Updates

  •   Improved: Quick Switch now remains open.
  •   Improved: Improve the stability of Ctrl-Ctrl.
  •   Fixed: Fix incomplete action list in Options. (12/15/2022)

  • New: New: Use Full Pinyin to search for files and Fuzzy Full Pinyin to search for applications
  • New: Auto updater will show changelog for the next update (10/19/2022)

  • New: Support Windows 11 multi-tab File Explorer
  • New: Add a beta channel option for updates
  • Improved: Improve Action stability and performance (5/25/2022)

Learn more about Listary 6 here.

  • New: New user interface – Elegant and effective, beauty in every pixel and color
  • New: New search and sorting algorithm
  • New: Web search with live suggestions
  • New: Preview
  • New: Full HiDPI support
  • New: Execute a search result using Ctrl + Num hotkey
  • New: Show Quick Switch folder after opening a file dialog
  • New: Disable double Ctrl automatically for full-screen games and apps.
  • New: Customize folder priorities and file name priorities using regex.

5.00.2843 (10/14/2018)

  • Improved: Better compatibility with recent Windows 10 updates.

5.00.2581 (01/25/2017)

  • New: List file search results first if query begins with space.
  • Improved: Improve compatibility with XYplorer.
  • Improved: Improve compatibility with Directory Opus.
  • Improved: Improve compatibility with Total Commander.
  • Improved: Improve compatibility with Autodesk apps.
  • Fixed: Fix possible wrong search bar position on a dual monitor setup.
  • Fixed: Fix sending an extra separator when opening a folder in Total Commander sometimes.
  • Fixed: Fix that “Disable Listary” confirm message can’t pop up on apps running as admin.
  • Fixed: Fix some performance issues.
  • Fixed: General bug fixes.

5.00.2410 (08/07/2016)

  • New: Better Windows 10 anniversary update support.
  • New: Now you can use spaces when searching for apps.
  • New: Add EF Commander support.
  • New: Show files when auto-expanding favorite folders in menus.
  • Improved: Improve search result sorting.
  • Improved: Open toolbar in Explorer when pressing hotkey if find-as-you-type is disabled.
  • Fixed: Listary is activated unexpectedly when using pinch-zoom on Synaptics touchpads.
  • Fixed: Listary can’t get current folder path from XYplorer when Live Filter Box is visible.
  • Fixed: Currently Opened Folders doesn’t work in Total Commander 64.
  • Fixed: Other bug fixes.

5.00.2334 (05/23/2016)

  • New: Press Ctrl twice to show/hide Listary.
  • New: Completely redesign Launch Apps.
  • New: Theme support! 17 beautiful themes and a theme editor included. Check Options – Appearance.
  • New: Send to. You can now send a search result using Windows “Send to” menu or send it to any folder via search. Default hotkey Alt+S.
  • New: Custom Actions. Check Listary Options – Actions.
  • New: Use a hotkey to execute an action directly.
  • New: Search web and open websites. Check Options – Keywords – Web.
  • New: Redesign UI.
  • New: Press Ctrl+Enter to open parent folder of a search result directly.
  • New: New action to set keyword for a search result directly.
  • New: Set keywords for folders. Use keywords to open your mostly used folders easily.
  • New: Redesign “App Settings” tab in Options.
  • New: Drag the left border of the toolbar to change its location (launcher mode only).
  • New: Open with. Default hotkey Alt+O.
  • New: Search results hotkeys (next item, previous item, actions) are configurable in Options – Hotkeys.
  • New: New command mkdir folder_name to create a new folder.
  • New: Add a default keyword opt to open Listary Options.
  • New: Batch add websites, folders and custom commands in Options – Keywords.
  • New: Support apps running as administrator even if Listary is started normally.
  • New: Add many useful system commands. Check Options – Keywords – Custom.
  • New: “Open Folder” now automatically selects the search result file.
  • New: Only search specific extensions for Launch Apps.
  • New: Support launching Windows Store Apps on Windows 8/10.
  • New: Support {query} in paths.
  • New: Add more tips.
  • New: Support mouse scroll on Windows 10 without changing system setting.
  • New: Add environment variable support for folder paths.
  • New: Add environment variable support for custom commands.
  • New: Add XYplorer Free support.
  • New: Add SpeedCommander support.
  • New: Add One Commander support.
  • New: Update tutorial for Listary 5.
  • New: Show tips of available variables for action and custom command parameters.
  • New: Add default file manager templates.
  • Improved: Lots of performance improvements.
  • Improved: Search results sorting.
  • Improved: Directory Opus compatibility.
  • Improved: Search results are updated with a much less delay.
  • Improved: Change default hotkey to Win+F on Windows 10.
  • Improved: Use system Explorer pane setting when opening new Explorer windows.
  • Improved: Open to launcher mode directly when pressing hotkey in Explorer.
  • Improved: Prevent backspace from closing Listary toolbar.
  • Improved: Listary will try to recover from disk search index failures automatically.
  • Improved: History now saves your search query. The next time you want to launch the same item, you only need to type a prefix.
  • Improved: Improve Total Commander support.
  • Improved: Improve AutoCAD support.
  • Improved: Improve XYplorer flat mode support.
  • Improved: Many other usability improvements.
  • Improved: Improve search results window layout on small monitors.
  • Improved: Tab key can now be used to both auto-complete a keyword and select the next item.
  • Fixed: Some third-party context menu extensions may crash Listary.
  • Fixed: Launched apps don’t get input focus correctly sometimes.
  • Fixed: Wrong start folder of “cmda” command.
  • Fixed: “Open parent folder” doesn’t work on desktop.
  • Fixed: Listary doesn’t work fully on some apps running as admin (e.g. Task Manager and Services).
  • Fixed: Cannot launch shortcuts created by 64-bit apps.
  • Fixed: Many other bug fixes.