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Explore enhanced searching in our latest beta, featuring a new File Search Window and an upgraded File Search Engine.

Older version for Windows 7 & XP

Portable version

Since the portable version does not have administrator privileges, it cannot automatically index files. You will need to manually add locations for indexing through the settings and also set the indexing frequency according to your needs.

What's New for Listary V6.3?

New: File Search Window

  • Larger Search Window, More Search Results

    See more search results at a glance and view millions of files with smooth scrolling.

    Listary file search window
  • New Sidebar for Simplified Filtering

    Pinpoint your search with advanced filters: easily sort by file type, date modified, and more with just one click.

    Filter search results in Listary file search window
  • Seamless Connection from Launcher to File Search Window

    Switch seamlessly between the File Search Window and the launcher with the Ctrl-Ctrl shortcut.

    switch between Listary launcher and file search window with Ctrl-Ctrl hotkey

New File Search Engine

  • Faster and More Stable File Search Engine

    New file search engine based on Rust, improving performance by 20%-100%, while using less memory in most scenarios.

New Launcher UI

  • UI Redesign: A Fresh, Windows 11-Inspired Look

    Enjoy a more intuitive interface that harmonizes with the modern desktop experience, enhancing your workflow with a touch of elegance.

    search files and apps using Listary's launcher