File Search

Blazing Fast File Search in Windows

Say goodbye to Windows' slow search and the frustration of not finding your files.
With Listary, you can find your files instantly and streamline your workflow in a click.

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Files at your fingertips

Search in milliseconds
Real-time search results as you type
Prioritize results by your habits

Search File

No advanced search skills needed.
Find your files intuitively with just a click.

Mouse-Click Filters

Easily filter by file type, modification date, and more with just a click. No need to remember complex syntax. You can also customize your filters for even greater ease of use.

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Flexible path search

Easily refine your search by appending a trailing  \ to any keyword, indicating it's part of the parent folder path. This can be used at any point in your search query.

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Instant Preview

Quickly preview your files using Alt+P, without the need to open them. Instantly see content with ease, saving time and enhancing your workflow efficiency.

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Download Listary for free.