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Try Listary Beta V6.3, get a sneak peek of our new features ahead of time.

What's New?

New: File Search Window
  • Larger Search Window, More Search Results
    See more search results at a glance and view millions of files with smooth scrolling.
    Listary file search window
  • New Sidebar for Simplified Filtering
    Pinpoint your search with advanced filters: easily sort by file type, date modified, and more with just one click.
    Filter search results in Listary file search window
  • Seamless Connection from Launcher to File Search Window
    Switch seamlessly between the File Search Window and the launcher with the Ctrl-Ctrl shortcut.
    switch between Listary launcher and file search window with Ctrl-Ctrl hotkey
New File Search Engine
  • Faster and More Stable File Search Engine
    New file search engine based on Rust, improving performance by 20%-100%, while using less memory in most scenarios.
New Launcher UI
  • UI Redesign: A Fresh, Windows 11-Inspired Look
    Enjoy a more intuitive interface that harmonizes with the modern desktop experience, enhancing your workflow with a touch of elegance.
    search files and apps using Listary's launcher
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