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What's new in this version?


  • New: Search filters (Check Listary Options – Search for more information).
  • New: Search Path now support drive letters.
  • New: Export list content to Excel (.xlsx).
  • New: Projects now supports Search Path.
  • New: New hotkeys (Ctrl+N : Next item, Ctrl+P : Previous item, Ctrl+O : Enter Actions menu)
  • New: Add a dedicated hotkey for Launch Apps.
  • New: Listary now remembers your last Launch Apps hotkey status.
  • New: AutoCAD 2015 support.
  • New: Listary Options dialog now supports Tab navigation.
  • New: New toolbar position type “Center of window” in Listary Options – By Window Type.
  • Improved: Huge Launch Apps and Projects performance improvements.
  • Improved: Refine UI.
  • Improved: Projects search results sorting.
  • Improved: Change default hotkey to Win+G for Windows 8.
  • Improved: Improve folder dialog support.
  • Improved: Improve Total Commander Directory Menu support.
  • Improved: Virtual folder support in Directory Opus.
  • Fixed: Default file name being replaced accidentally when using find as you type in a Save File dialog.
  • Fixed: Wrong working directory for executables.
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes.


  • New: Search path
  • New: Launch applications (use hotkey Win + S or Win + G to switch between Launch Apps and normal mode)
  • New: Full NTFS hard link support
  • New: Directory Opus 11 support
  • New: Ctrl+Backspace support
  • Improved: Performance improvements
  • Improved: Listary Options layout
  • Improved: No more flickers when showing search results
  • Improved: Left arrow key handling
  • Fixed: many bug and crash fixes


  • New: Huge performance improvements!
  • New: Support adding custom locations (NAS, shared network folders…) to search index.
  • New: Support dragging search results directly.
  • New: Rewrite disk search exclusions. Exclusion filters now work with parent folders too.
  • New: Support using right-click to enter Action mode.
  • New: Support using left arrow key to exit Action mode.
  • Improved: Improve history searching.
  • Improved: Improve auto-expand folder sorting.
  • Improved: Improve icon showing.
  • Fixed: Many bug fixes.


  • New: Default File Manager now supports relative path
  • Improved: Command parameter placeholders (e.g. %path%) are case insensitive now
  • Improved: Update language files
  • Fixed: Crash when clicking the title in Action mode


Note to current users: The leading ">" is no longer needed to search all drives. It's also recommended that you choose Listary's own disk search engine.

  • New: Customize menu and toolbar icons
  • New: New Copy/Cut actions
  • New: The leading “>” is no longer needed to search all drives
  • New: You can now run the installer version of Listary without administrator rights
  • New: Hotkey mode
  • New: Explore Application Folder now works with not supported applications
  • New: New language files
  • Improved: Improve disk search performance
  • Improved: Optimize memory usage
  • Improved: Improve Listary Options layouts
  • Improved: Improve stablity
  • Fixed: Many bug and crash fixes


Note: You need to select language again after updating to this version.

To portable version users: Please delete Languages folder before updating.

To translators: Listary now uses to manage language files, please visit this page for more information. Also please back up your own files in Languages folder, the installer will delete them automatically.

  • New: Type “!” to disable find-as-you-type in the current list temporarily (press ESC to restore)
  • New: Mouse wheel support for search results
  • New: “Add Here” for submenus
  • Improved: Listary Options is now resizable
  • Improved: Improve relative path support
  • Improved: Improve path display in recent menu
  • Improved: Improve input focus handling
  • Improved: Update language files
  • Fixed: Listary can’t start with Windows sometimes
  • Fixed: Fix some crashes
  • Fixed: Toolbar flicking in Adobe Creative Suite 6
  • Fixed: Auto-expanding folder menus not repainted correctly
  • Fixed: Fix some crashes


  • New: Directory Opus find-as-you-type support. Latest beta version of Directory Opus is required.
  • New: A small and compact UI is available
  • New: Toolbar width and height can be configured in Listary Options – Appearance
  • New: Shift + Tab to select previous item
  • Improved: Location bar (address bar) is no longer required to use Listary in Directory Opus
  • Improved: Update several language files
  • Fixed: Crash when clicking a toolbar button sometimes


  • New: Pressing ESC in Actions now returns to your previous search instead of hiding toolbar
  • New: New check updates implementation
  • Improved: Update language files
  • Fixed: Bug and crash fixes


Listary 4 is rewritten from scratch with tons of new features and tweaks.

  • New: Disk and subfolder search
  • New: Projects
  • New: Actions
  • New: Fuzzy navigation
  • New: History
  • New: You can now use Shift + Up/Down to jump to the next/previous section
  • New: Fuzzy match
  • New: Clover support
  • New: FreeCommander XE support
  • New: Latest version of xplorer2 support
  • New: XYplorer find-as-you-type support
  • New: Everything support
  • New: Tutorial
  • New: Toolbar and menus can be customized
  • New: Both panels of Directory Opus are listed in Currently Opened Folders
  • New: Both panels of Total Commander are listed in Currently Opened Folders
  • New: Currently Opened Folders can be added to toolbar
  • New: Setting to disable find-as-you-type
  • New: Setting to disable fuzzy matching
  • New: Invoke command by keyword
  • New: Add many new commands
  • New: Support using Total Commander 8.x to replace file dialogs (7.x is no longer supported)
  • New: Delphi list control support
  • New: XnView support
  • New: Check for updates automatically
  • Improved: Search performance
  • Improved: Search ranking
  • Improved: File dialog file name textfield will restore its previous text after unselecting a list item
  • Improved: Auto-expanding folder
  • Improved: Change portable version user data location
  • Improved: The same folder will only be listed once in Currently Opened Folders
  • Improved: Improve search performance
  • Improved: Improve Options dialog layout
  • And many many more…
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