• New: Search filters (Check Listary Options – Search for more information).
  • New: Search Path now support drive letters.
  • New: Export list content to Excel (.xlsx).
  • New: Projects now supports Search Path.
  • New: New hotkeys (Ctrl+N : Next item, Ctrl+P : Previous item, Ctrl+O : Enter Actions menu)
  • New: Add a dedicated hotkey for Launch Apps.
  • New: Listary now remembers your last Launch Apps hotkey status.
  • New: AutoCAD 2015 support.
  • New: Listary Options dialog now supports Tab navigation.
  • New: New toolbar position type “Center of window” in Listary Options – By Window Type.
  • Improved: Huge Launch Apps and Projects performance improvements.
  • Improved: Refine UI.
  • Improved: Projects search results sorting.
  • Improved: Change default hotkey to Win+G for Windows 8.
  • Improved: Improve folder dialog support.
  • Improved: Improve Total Commander Directory Menu support.
  • Improved: Virtual folder support in Directory Opus.
  • Fixed: Default file name being replaced accidentally when using find as you type in a Save File dialog.
  • Fixed: Wrong working directory for executables.
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes.


  • New: Search path
  • New: Launch applications (use hotkey Win + S or Win + G to switch between Launch Apps and normal mode)
  • New: Full NTFS hard link support
  • New: Directory Opus 11 support
  • New: Ctrl+Backspace support
  • Improved: Performance improvements
  • Improved: Listary Options layout
  • Improved: No more flickers when showing search results
  • Improved: Left arrow key handling
  • Fixed: many bug and crash fixes


  • New: Huge performance improvements!
  • New: Support adding custom locations (NAS, shared network folders…) to search index.
  • New: Support dragging search results directly.
  • New: Rewrite disk search exclusions. Exclusion filters now work with parent folders too.
  • New: Support using right-click to enter Action mode.
  • New: Support using left arrow key to exit Action mode.
  • Improved: Improve history searching.
  • Improved: Improve auto-expand folder sorting.
  • Improved: Improve icon showing.
  • Fixed: Many bug fixes.


  • New: Default File Manager now supports relative path
  • Improved: Command parameter placeholders (e.g. %path%) are case insensitive now
  • Improved: Update language files
  • Fixed: Crash when clicking the title in Action mode


Note to current users: The leading ">" is no longer needed to search all drives. It's also recommended that you choose Listary's own disk search engine.

  • New: Customize menu and toolbar icons
  • New: New Copy/Cut actions
  • New: The leading “>” is no longer needed to search all drives
  • New: You can now run the installer version of Listary without administrator rights
  • New: Hotkey mode
  • New: Explore Application Folder now works with not supported applications
  • New: New language files
  • Improved: Improve disk search performance
  • Improved: Optimize memory usage
  • Improved: Improve Listary Options layouts
  • Improved: Improve stablity
  • Fixed: Many bug and crash fixes


Note: You need to select language again after updating to this version.

To portable version users: Please delete Languages folder before updating.

To translators: Listary now uses crowdin.net to manage language files, please visit this page for more information. Also please back up your own files in Languages folder, the installer will delete them automatically.

  • New: Type “!” to disable find-as-you-type in the current list temporarily (press ESC to restore)
  • New: Mouse wheel support for search results
  • New: “Add Here” for submenus
  • Improved: Listary Options is now resizable
  • Improved: Improve relative path support
  • Improved: Improve path display in recent menu
  • Improved: Improve input focus handling
  • Improved: Update language files
  • Fixed: Listary can’t start with Windows sometimes
  • Fixed: Fix some crashes
  • Fixed: Toolbar flicking in Adobe Creative Suite 6
  • Fixed: Auto-expanding folder menus not repainted correctly
  • Fixed: Fix some crashes


  • New: Directory Opus find-as-you-type support. Latest beta version of Directory Opus is required.
  • New: A small and compact UI is available
  • New: Toolbar width and height can be configured in Listary Options – Appearance
  • New: Shift + Tab to select previous item
  • Improved: Location bar (address bar) is no longer required to use Listary in Directory Opus
  • Improved: Update several language files
  • Fixed: Crash when clicking a toolbar button sometimes


  • New: Pressing ESC in Actions now returns to your previous search instead of hiding toolbar
  • New: New check updates implementation
  • Improved: Update language files
  • Fixed: Bug and crash fixes


Listary 4 is rewritten from scratch with tons of new features and tweaks.

  • New: Disk and subfolder search
  • New: Projects
  • New: Actions
  • New: Fuzzy navigation
  • New: History
  • New: You can now use Shift + Up/Down to jump to the next/previous section
  • New: Fuzzy match
  • New: Clover support
  • New: FreeCommander XE support
  • New: Latest version of xplorer2 support
  • New: XYplorer find-as-you-type support
  • New: Everything support
  • New: Tutorial
  • New: Toolbar and menus can be customized
  • New: Both panels of Directory Opus are listed in Currently Opened Folders
  • New: Both panels of Total Commander are listed in Currently Opened Folders
  • New: Currently Opened Folders can be added to toolbar
  • New: Setting to disable find-as-you-type
  • New: Setting to disable fuzzy matching
  • New: Invoke command by keyword
  • New: Add many new commands
  • New: Support using Total Commander 8.x to replace file dialogs (7.x is no longer supported)
  • New: Delphi list control support
  • New: XnView support
  • New: Check for updates automatically
  • Improved: Search performance
  • Improved: Search ranking
  • Improved: File dialog file name textfield will restore its previous text after unselecting a list item
  • Improved: Auto-expanding folder
  • Improved: Change portable version user data location
  • Improved: The same folder will only be listed once in Currently Opened Folders
  • Improved: Improve search performance
  • Improved: Improve Options dialog layout
  • And many many more…

3.51.858 (8 May 2012)

  • New: XYplorer 11.00 support
  • New: New language file (Slovenian)
  • Improved: Update language file (Polish and?Ukrainian)

3.51.819 (30 March 2012)

  • New: New language files (Dutch, Filipino, Greek, Slovak and Turkish)
  • Fixed: CorelDRAW cannot enter Full-Screen Preview mode (F9)
  • Fixed: Rare Explorer crash during system shutdown

3.51.776 (16 February 2012)

  • New: New language file (Arabic)
  • New: New language file (Serbian)
  • Improved: Update language file (Russian)
  • Improved: Update language file (Traditional Chinese)
  • Fixed: Possible crashes when save a file in Office 2003 under Windows 7 64bit
  • Fixed: Invalid paths (CON, PRN, AUX, NUL…) shown in search results

3.51.752 (23 January 2012)

  • New: “Add Here” for submenus (Pro version only)
  • New: %files% parameter for custom commands
  • New: Find-as-you-type ignoring diacritics
  • New: Page Up/ Page Down/ Home/ End support in menus
  • New: Recent folder support for Office 2003 on Windows 7
  • New: New language file (Portuguese)
  • New: New language file (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • New: New language file (Traditional Chinese)
  • Improved: Float toolbar can handle ESC after activating a menu now
  • Improved: Better compatibility with high DPI
  • Improved: DirectoryOpus detection
  • Improved: Find-as-you-type compatibility with xplorer2
  • Improved: Total Commander INI path detection (can handle default path in Windows/AppData folder now)
  • Improved: Order of search results
  • Improved: Installer won’t reset “Start Listary when Windows starts”
  • Fixed: May make Windows 7 task switcher not always on top
  • Fixed: Selection mark wasn’t correct in XP Explorer
  • Fixed: A minor popup menu z-order bug
  • Fixed: Favorite items can’t be dragged into an empty submenu

3.50.705 (7 December 2011)

  • New: Support WinRAR \”Extract To\” dialog
  • New: New language file (Serbian)
  • Improved: order of search results
  • Improved: Searching recent files/folders is disabled by default
  • Improved: Update Russian language file
  • Improved: Scroll speed
  • Fixed: Language setting didn\’t work sometimes
  • Fixed: \”Set focus to file list in Windows XP Explorer\” didn\’t work sometimes
  • Fixed: \”Middle-click to activate Listary\” option didn\’t work

3.50.689 (22 November 2011)

  • New: Accelerator key support for all menus
  • New: Environment variable support for all paths
  • New: New language files (Swedish, Italian, Ukrainian, Korean and Polish)
  • New: Paths of recent documents can be compacted automatically
  • New: New toolbar UI
  • New: Toolbar can be transparent now
  • New: Regular expression support is back for Pro users
  • New: Tooltips for all hot keys
  • New: Users can set default file manager now
  • New: Search results now shown in bold (and underline as before) font
  • New: New way of handling subfolder expanding
  • New: Code signing all files
  • Improved: Improved overall performance for menus
  • Improved: Improved performance of auto-expand subfolder
  • Improved: Toolbar will be always visible for file dialogs
  • Improved: Total Commander ini file path detection
  • Improved: Uncheck \”Watch screencast\” for updating
  • Improved: New version of crash report component
  • Fixed: Cannot open a recent file in Explorer
  • Fixed: Mouse lag (mouse hook conflicts with some software)
  • Fixed: Minor bug of Export List Content
  • Fixed: Icon display bug in Options > Favorite
  • Fixed: Many other bugs

3.23.563 (19 July 2011)

  • New: Multi-language support
  • New: Use Total Commander to completely replace file dialogs
  • New: Add directory menu of Total Commander to Listary Favorite
  • New: Number of recent items being shown in the menu can be set now
  • Improved: Options UI
  • Fixed: Recent may not work sometimes on Windows XP
  • Fixed: Popup menu may not show up sometimes in Total Commander
  • Fixed: Ctrl + O may not work sometimes
  • Fixed: Ctrl + O doesn\’t work in Total Commander if the path contains spaces
  • Fixed: Input may be doubled while using the find-as-you-type feature in some applications

3.21.542 (27 June 2011)

  • New: Favorite folders can be expanded automatically
  • New: Open the file selected in your file manager in standard file open/save dialogs
  • New: Drag and drop a file to Listary toolbar to open it in file dialogs

3.20.539 (25 June 2011)

  • New: Chinese Pinyin support
  • Improved: Some strings of Options may not be fully displayed on an East-Asian language system
  • Fixed: Wrong message while activating caused by extra whitespace in registration information
  • Fixed: May crash when exit on some systems

3.20.535 (20 June 2011)

  • New: Hot keys for favorites and commands are back
  • New: Quick Switch with hot key (Ctrl + G) in Smart menu
  • New: Currently Opened Folders in Smart menu
  • New: Custom Smart commands
  • New: Tool tips for all menu entries
  • New: New menu style
  • Improved: Options dialog has a button in taskbar and doesn?t stay topmost now
  • Improved: Crash report component stays fully portable
  • Improved: New icons for some menu entries
  • Fixed: A mirror GDI resource leak
  • Fixed: Crash when select a recent file in file dialog sometimes
  • Fixed: Crash if open Options > Applications first, and then use the find-as-you-type feature in new installations

3.11.522 (07 June 2011)

  • New: Built-in crash report component
  • New: Menus can be transparent now
  • Improved: Improved compatibility for custom applications
  • Improved: Add hover delay to menus
  • Fixed: Double-click may activate popup menu in some lists unexpectedly
  • Fixed: Cursor may disappear while typing
  • Fixed: Popup menu may not disappear sometimes

3.10.514 (30 May 2011)

  • New: You can add a custom application to support list
  • New: Built-in support for Total Commander, Directory Opus, xplorer2 and XYplorer
  • New: Built-in support for 7-Zip, WinRAR and FileZilla
  • New: Mouse middle-click to activate Listary popup menu in supported applications
  • New: Win + W support all applications now
  • New: Show recent items in submenu in popup menus
  • Improved: All the menus are much faster now
  • Improved: Listary toolbar will hide automatically when file dialog becomes inactive
  • Fixed: The popup menu may show up unexpectedly when double click on a folder
  • Fixed: Listary toolbar may not disappear after closing the open file dialog of Office on Windows XP
  • Fixed: A small memory leak in Options > Favorites
  • Fixed: Listary may hide unexpected in uTorrent

3.02.494 (10 May 2011)

  • New: Double click in empty area to show a popup menu in Windows Explorer, Desktop and open/save file dialogs
  • New: Open current folder when switch from an Explorer window to a file dialog
  • New: Add support for \”Browse for folder\” dialog
  • New: Add support for Microsoft Office file dialog in Windows XP. Now Listary supports all versions of Microsoft Office in all systems.
  • New: After pressing Win + W to set focus to Listary toolbar in file dialog, you can press ESC to set focus back.
  • Improved: Sort search results by match positions
  • Improved: List contents are updated when change folder in file dialog toolbar
  • Improved: An item will be focused when you use Listary to select it in Windows XP

3.01.468 (April 14 2011)

  • New: You can type a path directly now. The path auto completing feature supports any part of a folder name.
  • New: Add \”Export to CSV file\” back to Listary v3
  • Improved: Change command \”Show File Extension\” and \”Show Hidden Files\” to check boxes
  • Improved: Improved stability. Listary won\’t crash another application even if itself is terminated by user.
  • Fixed: Some bugs that may cause Listary to crash
  • Fixed: Listary will show up unexpectedly when you use keyboard in a menu in some situations

3.00.451 (30 March 2011)

  • New: New Listary toolbar
  • New: Recent folder and files for file open/save dialog
  • New: Smart menu
  • New: Some new commands
  • New: Automatically select last opened file in file open/save dialog
  • New: Favorite folder feature is available in the free version now
  • New: The Favorite feature supports submenu
  • Improved: The leading \”/\” for commands and favorite folders is no longer needed
  • Improved: You can always use the hot key Win + W to let Listary show up in Explorer or file open/save dialog even if the input focus is not on a list.
  • Improved: Set input focus to file list automatically for Windows XP Explorer
  • Improved: Save options to a XML file
  • Fixed: Many bug fixes

2.00.169 (20 June 2010)

  • New: Edit text anywhere with your favorite text editor
  • New: Hot key support for commands
  • New: Hot key support for favorites
  • New: Show icons for desktop
  • New: Show icons for jump lists in Windows 7
  • New: New commands
  • New: Add Free Commander support
  • Improved: Icon position
  • Improved: Window position while searching jump lists
  • Improved: Tool tip flicker
  • Fixed: GDI resource leak in certain circumstances
  • Fixed: Crash when click on the last empty item
  • Fixed: Halt if press Win + Q in a list
  • Fixed: A typo in Options
  • Fixed: Some items in \”Add Command\” menu are grey in Pro version
  • Fixed: Crash IE8 when close tabs with DEP on

1.21.115 (26 April 2010)

  • Improved: New icons for Options
  • Fixed: Export an empty CVS file if list is not in detail view

1.20.108 (19 Apr 2010)

  • New: Mouse support for drop-down list
  • New: New command \”/export\”
  • Improved: Open a new Explorer window when switching to a favorite folder on desktop
  • Improved: Listary will keep user\’s input if the content of the list changes
  • Fixed: Select the wrong item when press spacebar
  • Fixed: Crash IE8 when click \”Add Documents\” in Microsoft Office Live Workspace


  • New: Favorites
  • New: Hotkey to set focus to a list automatically
  • New: Autocomplete for \”/cd\” command
  • New: Add many new tips
  • Improved: Much more faster when dealing with a large number of items (more than 10,000)
  • Improved: Options dialog UI
  • Improved: Tooltip style
  • Fixed: Select the wrong item after sorting


  • New: Search mode
  • New: Show icons for files and folders
  • New: Adjust window width automatically
  • New: Alternate row colors
  • New: New option \”Drop-down List\”


  • New: Multi-monitor support
  • New: Users can use arrow keys to select an item in Listary
  • New: New option \”Start Listary when Windows starts\”
  • New: New option \”Work on jumplist (Windows 7 only)\”
  • Improved: Set focus to the selected item
  • Fixed: Cannot save options in 64-bit Windows 7
  • Fixed: Blocking keystrokes when system menu pops up
  • Fixed: Cannot start on Windows XP
  • Fixed: Cannot work when \”Show Listary on desktop\” is set
  • Fixed: Maybe fail to initialize on Explorer


  • New: Add regular expression support in Listary Pro
  • Improved: Change some tips
  • Fixed: Installer not working on Windows 7 with UAC on

v 0.95.21

  • New: Autocomplete
  • New: Reposition automatically
  • New: Add tips
  • New: Add option \”Show Listary on desktop\”
  • New: Installer will detect whether the program is running
  • New: Check for updates
  • Improved: Mask match
  • Improved: Add some items in tray menu
  • Fixed: Dropdown list flickering
  • Fixed: Cannot save options with UAC on
  • Fixed: Cannot refresh on some programs
  • Fixed: \”/cd\” command doesn\’t work
  • Fixed: Memory leak
  • Fixed: Option display error in Listary Pro