So how does it work, you might ask? Let’s suppose you have a directory labeled as Assignments in your computer and it carries some important items that you frequently need to access. Now, if you add Assignments to Projects, you can quickly search its files or folders via simply typing ‘Assignments (space) item’s name’ without first opening the directory. For example, you may type ‘assignments task1.doc’ (without the quotations) to instantly search the task1.doc file. Simple as that! But since Listary is designed with user convenience in mind, you can also type the file name rather than inputting the directory label first. For instance, you can type task1.doc, task or tas – so there are multiple possibilities.

Projects - Search project

Adding a project is quite simple, actually. You just need to assign a keyword to the directory by opening that directory and typing ‘proj’ (again without quotations) in Listary. If you just type proj, the folder’s name is automatically set as the default keyword. However, Listary does make it plausible to assign keywords of your choice by typing ‘proj your-own-keyword’. Similarly, keywords can also be managed from Projects tab under Listary ‘s Options window. You can create multiple projects if you like.