How to translate Listary

  1. Visit
  2. Click your language.
  3. Click “Listary language file”.
  4. You’ll be prompted to login. Create an account, it’s free.

That’s all. Now you can start translating immediately. Your translation will be included in the next version of Listary automatically.

If you want to become a proofreader (admin for language files) or have any questions, please send an email to

Thank you!

Special thanks to the translators! The following list contains translators for Listary version <= 3.x. If you don’t want to be listed here or if your name is missing, send an email to

Language Translators
Arabic MFM Dawdeh
Azerbaijani Seckin Anil Unlu
Brazilian Portuguese Silvio Corral
Chinese Simplified Paddy Xu, tracky
Chinese Traditional 奪命傳說, 詭貓&無相心魔, Aaron
Danish Regmos
German Gert Massheimer, Andreas Kleinert, Olaf Kirschke
Dutch fer
English Channing
Filipino AJ P. Luna
French Hovsep Avedissian, Alexandre RAIOLA
Greek George Georgiou
Indonesian elda taluta
Italian Igino Fusco Moffa, allelimo, Massimo Castiglia (
Japanese t.s-y
Korean YU Hee Cheol, NiCo
Malay Mazween Bidin
Polish S. Freling
Portuguese André Carvalho
Russian Valerij Romanovskij, Dmitry Yerokhin
Serbian Jovo Vilendecic
Serbian Оззии
Slovak JaA
Slovenian Vinko Kastelic
Spanish Argento
Spanish (Latin America) Christian Arellano García
Swedish Leif Larsson
Turkish Ali Tekdemir
Ukrainian Konstantin Lyubchenko, Maximus