Most people find it hard to keep their files and folders well organized, and thus, if a directory contains a large number unmanageable items, it can become problematic to find a particular one from the list. Moreover, nobody can remember the names of all the files and folders that are stored on their PCs. This is where Listary’s Find As You Type comes to the rescue.

This feature is designed to recognize suffixes, prefixes, or any part of the item’s name, which means when you begin typing a file name, the results are instantly shown next to Listary’s search box. This comes incredibly useful when performing some guess work in order to reach your desired item by typing a few alphabets related to its name. Hence, multiple results start appearing at the exact moment when you start punching keys on your keyboard – all in real time. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select an item from the displayed results. This feature works both under the file managers and open/save file dialogs.


Find-as-you-type in Windows Explorer

Find-As-You-Type - Windows Explorer

Find-as-you-type in file dialogs