Use Listary with a 3rd-party file manager

Supported file managers

Listary supports most of the popular 3rd-party file managers:

  • Directory Opus
  • Total Commander
  • XYplorer
  • xplorer2
  • FreeCommander XE
  • SpeedCommander
  • One Commander

Setting up

Open Listary Options – General, and change the Default File Manager setting for your file manager.

The most common setting is:
Path: C:\Change_this_to_the_path_of_your_file_manager.exe
Parameter: "%1"

If you use Directory Opus or Total Commander, you can choose it from the drop down menu for sample settings.

For advanced command line parameters, please check the documentation of your file manager.


Supported Listary features in 3rd-party file managers

Most features of Listary work well in all supported file managers:

  • Search for files and folders. In a 3rd-party file manager, you can press the hotkey Ctrl x 2 to activate Listary to search. If the search result is a folder, it’ll be opened in the current file manager window automatically.
  • Quick switch
  • Favorite and history
  • Commands
  • Use mouse middle button to bring up the popup menu

Find-as-you-type only works in certain file managers (e.g. Directory Opus).

Change Listary settings for specific file manager

Open Listary Options – App Settings, select your file manager from the list, and then change settings on the right pane.