Specify parent folder names

You can tell Listary to show only results whose parent folder names contain certain keywords.
When you get too many search results, you can use this syntax to narrow things down quickly.

This is a Listary Pro feature.


Append a trailing \ to a keyword to indicate that it’s part of the parent folder path. It can appear anywhere in the search query.


Search for notepad.exe within Windows folder:
  • win\note
  • win\ note
  • note win\
Search for Photo.jpg within My Documents folder:
  • photo doc\
  • photo doc\my\
  • my\doc\photo
Search for Photo.jpg within drive D:\:
  • d:\photo
  • photo d:\

Search filters

Search filters allow you to search for specific file extensions or folders within specific folders.


Type the search filter keyword followed by a colon :. It can appear anywhere in the search query.
You can add your own search filters in Listary Options – Search.

Default search filters

  • folder: Folder
  • file: File
  • doc: Document
  • pic: Picture
  • audio: Audio
  • video: Video


Search for a folder with game as part of its name:
* folder: game
* game folder: